I have received tons of messages from guitarists who have played for quite a while, but feel frustrated. It's kinda discouraging when you're putting in all this effort to play the guitar, and then you see other guitarists who are just as dedicated as you, but they're so much better. It's like, how do they do it, you know? It’s like lifting weights in the gym. If you don’t train correctly, eat enough, etc, your muscles will not grow. It’s the exact same with guitar. You can practice as much as you want, but if you practice the wrong things, you will have no or slow progress. That’s just facts. This is why I started Play With a Plan.

Play With a Plan takes out the guesswork of your practice and tell you exactly what you should do. You can see it as a guitarist’s guide to real progress. Becoming a great guitar player is a skill that will follow you for life and it's truly an amazing investment in yourself. However, I thought there should be more. What if you also had a way of sharing your new skills with the world? Creating videos is such a good skill to have as a guitarist. This allows you to become a better guitar player and look amazing while doing it. 
So who exactly am “I”? My name is Simen Otnes and I’m a guitarist and music producer from Norway. Already when I started playing guitar at the age of 12, I wrote practice journals and obsessed about achieving my guitar goals. I believe there are some skills you need to work harder for (such as technical skills), but sometimes it’s just about knowing the right things, which is crazy to me.

I posted my first guitar video on Instagram in 2016. Since then, I've constantly worked on improving my videos. I have played in around 10 different bands in Norway and the UK, played at some of the biggest stages in Norway and I also have a bachelor’s degree in music from LIPA (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) which looks good on paper. Hooray. I'm also a professional graphic designer. 
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